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Bancard Payment Systems is proud to be an authorized dealer for TouchBistro. TouchBistro is a revolutionary iPad point of sale for restaurants.

TouchBistro empowers staff with increased efficiency and mobility, provides managers and owners with deep business insights through cloud reporting, and enhances the customer experience. TouchBistro is the easy to use iPad POS that leverages intuitive iOS gestures that makes learning, managing, and using the system extremely easy.

Situated at the centre of the restaurant ecosystem, TouchBistro seamlessly integrates and connects with everything from loyalty apps,  to staff scheduling tools, to accounting software, making it an all-in-one restaurant management solution.

TouchBistro is trusted by thousands of foodservice businesses in 35 countries worldwide and offers an iPad point of sale (POS) solution for cafes, bars, breweries, food trucks, QSRs, and restaurants.

Unlike most POS systems, TouchBistro has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry and is committed to serving small to medium businesses in the foodservice industry.


iPad Table Layout screenVALUES OF TOUCHBISTRO

•  Increases staff and operational efficiency
•  Reduces errors involved with order-taking
•  Helps turn more tables by expediting the order-taking and payment process
•  Moves lines faster by taking the POS mobile to work down the line
•  Lower cost compared to traditional POS and mobile POS competitors
•  Enhances  customer experience
•  Easy and intuitive for staff to learn and use
•  Easy to manage, customize, and control from an owner/manager perspective

One Solution that's Easy to Scale for Any Venue
TouchBistro is the flexible iPad POS solution that canscale with any business size. From a solo-iPad setup at a coffee shop counter to a restaurant with multiple floors, bars, and patios that requires many iPads running a fast & synced POS solution-TouchBistro can handle it all!



Solo iPad Configuration
TouchBistro Solo iPad Configuration comes fully functional on a single iPad. It’s the perfect solution for small restaurants, quick-serve counters, cafes, and food trucks.

solo setup3 1(***Black Hardware is Standard***)



Multi-iPad Configuration
No Internet needed. Syncs multiple iPads. This solution is a restaurant owner’s dream. TouchBistro’s Multi-iPad Setup is a powerful system that allows multiple iPads to communicate through a secure, local connection and enables tableside ordering. Setting up TouchBistro’s Multi-iPad Setup so easy, you can do it yourself!

multi setup3 1

(***Black Hardware is Standard***)


Real TouchBistro Customers





TouchBistro has been internationally recognized across the restaurant and technology industries, receiving numerous awards for its software and services.TouchBistro Awards

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